Sufficient Grace

Questions, questions, all I have is questions. Can I do this? Am I strong enough? Do I have what it takes? A cacophony of questions meets the echo of answers long past.

“No you can’t. No you’re not. No you don’t.”

I fall to my knees as belief bleeds out from me and my heart grows cold, weary from dreaming. Trying hurts. Why try when I can lie in the dust of defeat? I’ll be coming here later anyway…

“Ask Me.”

That voice. Beauty and terror at the same time, delight and dread intertwined. Each word pulsating with power and radiating with love, calling me; daring me to obey.

“Ask Me.”

The voice that chased away the darkness in the beginning does the same in depths of my heart as the light of hope burns brighter than ever before in me.

I turn my affections towards Him and brace myself as my heart asks the questions. Before my lips can give the external echo I am completely undone. I burst with faith as His strength rips through my weakness and brings it to nothing.

The roar of a lion shakes the foundations of age-old strongholds and they begin to crumble. I feel His life invade my veins, every cell in my body is revitalised, reshaped and remade, primed with passion and purpose. Insecurity flees to the shadows as the Truth illuminates the darkest parts of my mind. “My grace is sufficient for you.” He says. I have to agree.

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My dear sister Joanna was inspired to make a video of this poem. It has no sound but you can watch it below. To see more of her art work head to Joanna Rosanna Designs


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