Feature: “The Truth Is” by Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Sometimes when I say ‘You alright?’cheryl

I know that you are not.
And I know that you know, that you are not.

So when did we become so vague and insecure,
Never saying what we feel, but always acting so ‘pure’
Of heart and mind
Always wanting to be kind
Yet failing blindly.

It’s all because we’ve forgotten who we are,
We’re focussed on what we do,
So God seems so distant
and afar.

But the truth is
He never left.
When you felt pain that time?
He felt the same.

When you spoke those unkind words,
He loved you all the same.
When you left that person out and sought out
The attention for yourself
He knew that He could help.
But why didn’t we let Him?


Because we were too hung up,
on trying to do it for ourselves,
Never wanting to seem
or in doubt.

But God looks at our heart and He knows us so well.

So next time that I ask you, ‘You alright?’
I’ll stop and I’ll sit tight,
And I’ll wait and I’ll wait until you say
How you feel.

And when I say ‘I’ll pray’
I’ll do it there and then.
Shout it out loud or whisper it in my head,
All the same.

I know that this mandate,
To Love everyone is real and
It’s never too late.

So next time you ask me, if I’m ‘alright’
I’ll answer you honestly,
I’ll not put up a fight.
I’ll not put up a façade,
Or hide my cards.

I’ll let you see what God is doing, has done and is yet to do,

Because after all  He is,

The Only One,
The Beloved Son,
The complete wholeness of love,
To whom we’re all undone,
We’re all His works in progress yet complete at the same time,
So let’s stop pretending
And share the truth of our lives.

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