Love Stories – Spoken Word

I used to love writing love stories and plotting them out in my mind. Star-crossed lovers or long-lost brothers, stories of every kind. Tales of legendary deeds performed by ordinary men I used to think I was the author, now I'm finding I'm the pen. The greatest Poet ever known has taken hold of me... Continue Reading →


Feature: “The Truth Is” by Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Sometimes when I say ‘You alright?’ I know that you are not. And I know that you know, that you are not. So when did we become so vague and insecure, Never saying what we feel, but always acting so ‘pure’ Of heart and mind Always wanting to be kind Yet failing blindly. It’s all... Continue Reading →

Poem for the Romans – Poem

A poem based on Paul's letter to the Romans I walked through the valley of shadows And kept stumbling in the dark. Two men appeared and ambushed me, Left me bleeding in the park. A certain man did pass that way A torchlight in his hand He offered me help but dropped me In an... Continue Reading →

Through the Brokenness – Poem

Sometimes we get hurt and then decide to lock ourselves away so that we can't be hurt again. Here's a little story.  Blood runs down his arm from what’s left of the heart he once wore on his sleeve A gentle spirit is now imprisoned in an icy palace of indifference A heart once so... Continue Reading →

Sufficient Grace – Poem

Questions, questions, all I have is questions. Can I do this? Am I strong enough? Do I have what it takes? A cacophony of questions meets the echo of answers long past. “No you can’t. No you’re not. No you don’t.” I fall to my knees as belief bleeds out from me and my heart... Continue Reading →

Wild at Heart – Poem

Something breaks and shatters, Cracks and peels In the heart of a man that no longer feels. The cold of his soul Is the chill in his breath Yielding to the touch of death. The flames within are quenched and dim He no longer desires, No longer dreams of greater things That will his strength... Continue Reading →

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