Getting The Boots Dirty


We gather together for a church service on Sunday evening. Greetings, hugs, chatter, buzz, it’s the familiar pre service atmosphere in a not so familiar setting. I fill my water bottle and start preparing to lead the worship. And gradually the room begins to fill.

There’s the 24/7 contingent of course; leaders, long term team, short term team, all recounting rushed stories and hurried testimonies. But then the new faces start to arrive: bar owners, workers, Spanish locals, some tired, some talkative. There are the marginalised, the burdened, quietly taking their seats, some avoiding eye contact. As I tune my guitar, the nerves begin.

Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t generally get nervous about leading worship or playing in front of people. But it’s different in Ibiza and I think I know the reason. This is not ‘safe’ church. This is not a comfort zone. This is…

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