Waiting for a Saviour – Spoken Word

A short piece I wrote for our church’s Christmas service in 2016

Waiting. We’re holding onto hoping that the hope of the world will come, the only Son. We’re waiting. We don’t know when He’ll show but the prophets have foretold that every chain that has held us He’ll be breaking. The power of our sin and the power of deception, He will lift from our lives He’s taking The veils from our eyes so that we can see clearly He’s the hope of our salvation.

So we’re waiting. It’s always darkest before dawn but the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings So we’re waiting. We will wait until the morn when the child King is born and we hear the angel choirs sing. We’re hoping. That the Saviour won’t delay, that today could be the day that He shows us He’s the way. We’re broken. But He’ll put us back together and we’ll be with Him forever in a love that can’t be severed.

For unto us a child is born, Emmanuel is His name Jesus Christ the mighty God, dwelling in a such a fragile frame For unto us a child is born, God with us now living He will pay the price of sin, so that we’ll be forgiven. For unto us a child is born, the Prince of Peace making war on death Those believing in His name won’t fail to enter His rest.

Dec 23rd 2016


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