AM – Poem

My sister (who is also a poet) and I started to challenge each other to write by choosing a title and setting a deadline to finish a poem. She’s far better than me at deadlines but here’s my version of “AM”.

AM?! What?! Again?!
It seems like only yesterday I tried to chase you away by blasting on the snooze button!
But your weight was as heavy as the bags under my eyes and the sunrise was hurting them too.
Guess I better get up again and leave behind the comfort of my bed of dreams
Dreams and fantasies that today you’d be kinder than you were to me yesterday

But you’re not.

Still the same shrill voice, still the same icy breath, still the same chains of fatigue I carry to the shower.
But you whisper to me your promises. I never listen.
You are my enemy and that will never change but one day you will be gone so maybe just for today…I’ll hear you out.

Go ahead.

You tell me you’re a gift that doesn’t come to all and that many across the world wish their loved ones could have you in their room once more.
You tell me that together we can accomplish great things if I would only sing like the birds in the morning instead of grumbling.
You tell me last of all that you’re pregnant with possibilities of what the day might bring but my attitude aborts them everyday…

Your arguments are compelling and I try to remember why I hate you so much. You’ve never been anything more to me than the roadblock to my dreams but now you tell me that you’re the bridge?
You tell me of how you knew my Lord while His disciples slept and how you wished you could have been there for Him upon the night He wept but the darkness kept Him until morning.

But you were there the next day.
You saw the stone as it rolled away and you saw the way He rose and all the times you’d spent together made this moment… perfect.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up a little earlier.

Jan 5th 2017


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