When the Word Became Flesh

A friend of mine wrote this incredible poem and I had to share it! It's a spoken word poem so it may not translate as well in written form but you will still get it and love it!  Like and share it! The author is staying anonymous. For now. ​Imagine what would happen if all... Continue Reading →


When Life Gets Tough

2016 seems to have gone on record as one of the weirdest years in history! It just seems like everything went wrong and everybody died! OK maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Maybe we've just allowed ourselves to become more aware of the madness going on in our world. I'm still pretty young to be saying... Continue Reading →

Love’s Way by Author, Hazel Paine

I went alone, a-travelling, to find the way of love, To meet at last, face to face, the one I’m dreaming of. For everyone around me spoke of love in tongues of song Yet their empty words resounded like a hollow crashing gong. I left them with their worthless noise to follow true love’s call,... Continue Reading →


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