Holy Spirit – Spoken Word

Too busy being content to ask for more
We need to Oliver Twist that lie that keeps us satisfied and dry
When He said “ask for rain in the time of rain.”

But that’s enough!

We barely catch it, too busy being Bob Cratchet when our Father is no Scrooge!
As if we’re living with the memory of stones, serpents and scorpions when we asked for good things.


So I can’t go too far in asking you to give me what You promised.
The Promise of the Father, but we’d rather debate when we first received
When we first believed or as a subsequent blessing? When we were first baptised or from the hands of the special guys who prayed for us?
When new life filled our lungs or when we spoke in tongues for the first time?
Whether salvation or second blessing the Scripture gives us a principle to teach us a lesson that educates us away from second guessing.

Be continually filled with the Spirit.

Be CONTINUALLY filled with the Spirit.

Be continually filled with the Holy Spirit!

So however you met Him, whether still or intense, whatever tense He found you in, the past or the present, let the future reveal that you sought Him again and that your weakness made His power perfect.

Let’s ask for more!
Let’s ask Him to fill us again!
Not because we’ve run out but because whatever state we’re living in we want Him to be the President, presiding over the laws of our hearts and leading the country of our souls until every region knows the increase of His government and peace.

If the Highest Heaven cannot contain Him yet He can live on the inside of me,
I have to know that I am a bottomless coke yet the refill may not be free.
Nandos knows that I may have to take the Subway, I mean, get low, humble myself and pray.
But this isn’t a fast food deal for 99p. I may need to fast food and there may be the cost of humility.
There may be the call to surrender my body as a living sacrifice that dies daily.
There may be tears in the night but sweet joy comes in the morning because He wants to give FAR more than I want to receive
Because He called me to live FAR before I began to believe.

He’s made provision for me to become His home and never be alone again.
He has sprinkled us with blood like a finished tabernacle so we can bow our knees and lift up our heads that the King of glory may come in!

We can be filled because Jesus was killed and the Spirit who raised Him comes to live in our hearts.
We can be filled because Jesus was killed and the Spirit of the Son crying Abba will never depart.
We can be filled because Jesus was killed and His resurrection life lives in us as a guarantee.
We can be filled because Jesus was killed.

Jesus was killed!

This was a big enough deal for the Son of God to give His life!
The ransom for us was so high that the Most High gave Himself. Twice.
This was important enough that He told them not to leave the city until power Himself came to clothe them and dwell among them.

Outside there were bodies to be healed and souls to be saved.
There were hearts crying out for a Saviour in those days
There were blind men and women needing to be shown the Way but they locked themselves in that Upper Room,
Knowing the fulfilment of that ancient Promise was coming soon.
And He did. With a flaming roar!

And sometime down the line there was preaching to be done.
They’d already been imprisoned and their minstry’d begun.
They cried out for boldness that may have been taken and as their knees trembled the whole place was shaken!
As fear was broken they opened their mouths and the words He had spoken began to flow out!
With signs and wonders He gave confirmation and followed His Church with a banner of love.

The fruit of the Spirit fed all who were hungry and love was joyfully found in peace as patiently they shared in His goodness showing kindness to one another with gentleness being faithful to exercise self-control so that there was no need among them that was caused by someone else.
His gifts were like weights to build up the Body but the gifted weren’t lifted to a higher seat
He reminded them of the example of the Servant King and their gifts became water to wash the Body’s feet.
Many feared to join them but when they came in, they found themselves loved but convicted of sin. Cut to the heart they bled prayers to the Saviour on the day of salvation and there found God’s favour.

This is the Church that our city longs to see, the longing of Creation that groans to be free!
It’s why Jesus cried out “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me!”
This is the Body He has called us to be, a Bride who makes herself ready, reflecting His glory!
In the natural we know that a Body without a Spirit is dead
And its by the Spirit of Christ we stay attached to the Head.

So let’s boldly approach the throne of grace and make our home in that place to seek His face
Praying without ceasing to walk in His ways and be continually filled with His Spirit.


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