This is Our Story – Spoken Word

This is our story
It starts with a man
Pulled into life from the dust and the sand
Walking with Creator heart in heart, hand in hand
Wholly committed to the mission and the plan

This is our story
We were all deceived
Many of us still like that Man, blaming Eve
When the serpent slid away he was holding the keys
The Father told His children it was best that they leave

But this is our story
The Son of God became a man
Showing grace to the sinners as He wrote in the sand
He wasn’t reaching for the fruit when He stretched out His hand
And the nailed that pierced through nailed us to the Father’s plan

This is our story
We’re no longer deceived
Ever since the day we repented and believed
Freely now we give because freely we’ve received
And the door is standing open ’cause He’s taken back the keys

This is our story
It starts with resurrection
Raised from the dead to His life by election
Running down the narrow path heading for perfection
And preaching the Good News at every intersection!

This is our story
A kingdom that’s advancing
Bringing Heaven’s reign to earth with singing and with dancing
Blessing our communities with every church we’re planting
We speak the truth in love instead of Facebook ranting

This is our story
It started in a garden but our hearts became hardened and refused to surrender
This is our story
Blood and water flowed out onto fallow ground and the soil became tender
This is our story
While we were still enemies we were freed and He became our Defender
This is our story
Once broken made whole, body, spirit, soul
A mind renewed to remember

That this is our story, this is our song
Praising our Saviour all the day long!
The cry of the weak is “Thank God I am strong!”
As the indwelling Spirit puts right what went wrong!
This is our story, this makes us strong
Loving our Saviour all the day long!
The light of His Word leads into the dark
With the oil of His Spirit touching our Divine spark.
This is our glory, singing His song
The sound of the Bride and the Spirit is “COME!”
Until His return, we’ll prepare the way
With all of our actions and lives we will say

This is our story.

Feb 28th 2017


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