Remember When We Used to Care? – Poem

Remember When We Used to Care?
Before we caught the culture that cultivates callousness
Like a cold?
Cold hearts pumping cold blood around warm bodies with frozen intentions.
Actions hanging lifeless from cold fingers on keyboards like icicles
Bad circulation maybe?

Remember when we used to care?
When we used to watch the adverts and count the cost?
Oxfam, Barnabus, Red Cross.
When we used to call in to donate because a quick text wouldn’t do it?
When we wanted to teach a man to fish so he could pursue it
And his family could eat.
Every day.
Then do you remember when we used to watch until we felt too bad and changed the programme?
Maybe because now we’ve been programmed to just change it because
Because it’s boring!
I mean who wants to watch children and adults suffer in another country?
Hungry. Thirsty. Empty. Searching.
I mean we’ve got our own problems over here right?
But what if that exact attitude is our problem?
Are we changing the channel to address our problems?
We escape them through the flatscreen window.

Remember when we used to care?
It can’t be that our hearts have grown dull.
I mean we’re emptying kennels
But children’s homes are still full
Are we taking better care of Man’s best friend than his sons and daughters?
Are we less concerned about childhoods lost than polluted waters?
Are we fostering more or less love in the next generation?
Are we adopting a village attitude towards children as a nation?
They say it takes a village to raise a child
But an Englishman’s home is his castle
And the portcullis of privacy perpetuates a village of parentless children with souls full of holes

Remember when we used to care?
When’s the last time you shared your lunch?
And it wasn’t because you didn’t want it any more?
When’s the last time you skipped your lunch
And spent your money on something for the poor?

Does that offend you?

The idea of giving to someone what you have in abundance?
For one a heavy bag is a home and to another its an encumberance
On the way to a house that’s too small or too big.
Not everyone wants handouts because we all need a hand up sometime
We can fall down trying to get our foot in the door or we can slip on success’ greasy ladder as we climb.
Do you take the time?
Is it your good deed for the day to get your karma in line?

Putting actions aside, when’s the last time you cried?
Were your tears for yourself or shed for others?
Not lovers. Not brothers.
What about that single mother?
Abandoned by her partner or robbed by death
Serving end’s meat to her kids every night and taking a breath before heading back to work.
Can you open your mind to see that she could really consider selling her body so that her babies can sleep in beds?
She knows what they are worth to her but what is she worth to you?
A seasonal smile?
The salt of tears tastes different when the pain isn’t yours.

Remember when we used to care?
More than just a like and share?
We either glorify or demonise the past when really it’s our heart muscles that need to be exorcised
Remember when we used to care?
We weren’t scared of our neighbours, we knew their names!
But we’ve deconstructed and divided so far that we’ve decomposed our connection
So society decays.
Remember when we used to care?


Set a reminder for tomorrow.

July 18th 2018


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