Immerse – Spoken Word

I wrote this for our students and young adults weekend away in 2016. It was called “Immerse” 

Mind if I rock your boat a little?
Or rather show you it’s already been rocking as the Lord Himself was reportedly seen knocking at the door of your heart some time…
Did you open up and let Him in or turn around and look at your sin and…wave from the window?

Just a minute Jesus, you’re here too soon, my heart’s too full so there’s not much room. Can you come back tomorrow?

But He knocks again.

Listen. We have to let Him in you see if we ever want to know intimacy.
But Intimacy is not a display for others, it’s a connection between lovers that’s deeper than brothers and He died for nothing less.

Now, you’re bobbing along on the endless oceans of the possibilities of His grace
Reaching out from time to time to scratch the surface for a glimpse of His face but… the water’s kind of cold. And the boat is warm.
Tough call.

Unlike His walk with Peter He’s not calling you onto the waves
He wants you drenched in His love and sinking into His grace,
To abandon yourself completely to His will and His ways as you dive into this bottomless sea to simply seek His face.


But in 21st century life it’s no easy sell to convince us to slow down when we drink from the well of the fast-paced life all lit up with lies that you won’t feel the lows if you run on the highs. Packaged with this promise: sell your soul in compromise and you’ll purchase the power to become the idols you worship with your eyes.

The eyes. The eyes. The lamp of the body. It seems Hollywood’s got most of ours in a snare and everytime the Net Flicks or we make a tear that new trailer comes out and we’re barely aware that the noose tightens around our already dwindling life of… prayer.

And so we’ve actually made it part of our recreation to wreck His creation
And let-out our thirst for image drowning ourselves in the scores and stores of material outlets that make us forget Whose image we’re made in.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers, I’m a victim too and I’m made up of both flesh and spirit just like you
But the more that I feel that my train of thought’s congested, the more that I kind of feel like I’m being digested. It’s like being sucked in by the world while the life within me is being sucked out with each passing day and you know what?

I’ve had enough.

We’re in a strange time where we find our rest in wine but the True Vine called us to abide in Him. Reside in Him, running down that narrow path ’til we collide with Him and find in Him, the saddle of His grace so we can ride with Him, denying sin, and all the evil deeds this world would hide us in.

Maybe none of that relates to you and you just cannot see why a heart that’s liberated would be trying to be free. Well then you are just the person that I need to speak me
24th of February come find me at Cefn Lea!

But back to that boat and the surface level living
Back to that house with the King at the door
This is a call to those who’ve been forgiven
A call to those who know that there’s more.

So my closing question to you at the end of this verse
Will you paddle in His presence or do you want to get Immersed?

Oct 13th 2016

You can watch the video of this poem here: [Credit to Michael Burke and Jack Cursham for their awesome filming and editing skills]


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