Prayer – Spoken Word

The Holy Spirit came to show us the way to speak for the Father and say what He’d say 
But before we can go we first have to know that the Holy Spirit came to teach us to pray. 
But why do we need to know?
The Author of life put the keys to the kingdom in our hands and the power of life and death on our tongues! 
The authority we’ve been given is intended to overwhelm us and ring the school bell of the Spirit. Our Teacher. 
Lesson one, what is prayer? 

Simple. It’s who we are. 

We are the privileged priesthood undone by the honour of the hush of heaven to hear our voices. 
We are the cloud callers and the rain makers, dancing in this world’s driest valleys. 
We are those who have the promise of His presence whenever we gather together. 
We are the gatekeepers ushering in the arrival of heaven on earth. 
We are not those who beg a King for what He does not want to give. 
We are not those who waste time shadow boxing while our enemy is real. 
We are not those who look only to heaven as though we have no responsibility. 
Turning all our eyes to the skies when the answer has been put in our hands. 
So we press them together and bruise our knees with kisses from the floor of the Throne Room 
We are not those who do not care. 
We are not those who speak only to the air. 
We are those who choose to bring the sacrifice of our time and comfort to burn for Christ on the altar of prayer.

A royal priesthood, a holy nation, blessed with the ministry of reconciliation 
Taught by the Holy Spirit how to pray 
Heaven and hell are listening, what will we say? 
If God loves listen to you and me 
When the church gathers to pray, where else would we be? 

Jan 4th 2012

You can see this poem performed here: [Credit to Dave Perkins and Panji Kaonga for the filming editing]


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