Call of the Bride – Spoken Word

She’s passing winks and downing drinks
She knows no moderation.
As His heart breaks in hers she thinks
“There’s now no condemnation.”
The prison that He freed her from
She’s made into a palace
Where she’s the queen who reigns supreme
She daily grows more callous.

The pain in His heart must be hard to ignore
When the bride He washed clean doesn’t want to be pure
When the grace He poured out has become nothing more
Than a rag that is soiled and then thrown to the floor.
His love was displayed, demonstrated for sure
When He opened the way with Himself as the door.
He gave up His life for the joy set before
As His eyes saw the day she would grow to adore

When her eyes and her feet won’t wander away
When her heart in His hands finds itself complete
When her gaze is now fixed and ceases to stray
When the lies that once plagued her lie dead in defeat.
When her lips that once cursed are declaring His name
To the lost and the hurting to bind up their wounds
When her hands join with His hands to break every chain
And her FriendShips cast off to save those who’re marooned.

He’s coming for a pure bride
Who knows her name and will decide
To break the altar of her pride
And set that thing on fire!
In the flames she’s purified
And in His love she will abide
She stands forever at His side
In dazzling attire.

What once was red now white as snow
She didn’t even really know
That every choice she made would show
If He had won her heart.
She knew that though she’d sin He’d bless
But He had called for nothing less
Than love expressed through holiness
She must be set apart.

No more fitting in, she’s been called out
No more whispering, she needs to shout
No more compromise or chasing guys
And calling it “exploration.”
No more little white lies
That are in disguise
She’s called to consecration.

In righteous deeds the Bride is dressed
In peace her feet are shod.
In purity she walks as grace abounds.
By living water she’s refreshed
Drawn from the word of God.
It overflows her cup and wets the ground.

A groan is heard across the earth
In every land and nation
The very ground beneath her feet
Awaits her manifestation.

For the sake of the world and for the sake of His heart, we’re called to be holy.

Sep 14th 2015

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