Hurting and Healing – Part 2

[I use a lot of parallel examples in this post so, to avoid confusion, let me please clarify that I’m not talking about miraculous physical healing but emotional healing that is led by the Holy Spirit]

You DEFINITELY need to read Part 1 first…

tis but a scratchKnowing our problems is not the same as no longer having them. 

Sometimes when the Lord reveals our heart issues to us and shows us His love, we assume our issues are now dealt with. Being able to understand things makes us feel like we have power over them and of course understanding them puts us in a better position to deal with them and be restored but they’re not synonymous. 

If we go to see the doctor and they give us a diagnosis and a treatment recommendation, we don’t high five the nurse, shout hallelujah and tell our friends we’re cured! We get involved in the treatment process whether it’s rest, change of diet, drugs or surgery. Midway through surgery we don’t jump up and head home assuring the worried people on the bus that we’ve seen the doctor!

It’s important that we don’t talk or act healed before we actually are for a few reasons. Firstly, as I said before we can convince ourselves that we’re fine which means we’ll disengage with the Holy Spirit and our friends or counsellors in the healing process and wonder days, months or years down the line why the issue has resurfaced with a vengeance or has never really gone away. 

Secondly, we can then put ourselves into situations that we’re unfit for that will do us far more damage, like trying to play football the day after we’ve had our broken femur reset. The classic example is heading into a new relationship after coming out of a train wreck without getting to a safe place of healing. God is more than capable of doing dramatic instantaneous emotional healing (and may even use a new relationship to do it) but sometimes He wants us to walk with Him through our healing process and build our faith and intimacy with Him along the way. 

Of course, being finite we hate long processes and we want our change NOW so we find ways of convincing ourselves and others that we’re good so we can carry on with life. 

We can’t rush the process!

Some people would argue for the power of positive confession and standing in faith where we name and claim our emotional healing from God in the name of Jesus and believe that we’ve received it and move on “in faith” and never talk about it again. 


I definitely believe in living by faith and not by sight but faith is not a feeling, it’s a certainty. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1). Faith doesn’t just believe something or really, really hope for something, faith KNOWS something because it has heard from God (Rom 10:17). 

God sometimes gives us a promise that He’s going to do something and that is a guarantee you can take to the bank but it doesn’t mean that the process is complete yet and I think that’s important to remember. The Holy Spirit should be the One who let’s us know when He’s done and He will use the Scriptures, our leaders and those close to us in our lives to do that.

“If you’re still hurting you’re probably not healed yet.”

This is a great way of testing the progress of your healing. If the memories still cause you pain, if the thought of seeing that person recoverystill causes you fear, if you still get angry when you think of that day, if the thought of getting rid of their leftover stuff in your house still hurts, you’re probably not fully healed. And that’s okay. But only if you admit it and keep moving forward. 

People will try to tell you how long it should take for you to recover. You may hear “You should be over this by now” or “You’re really just dragging this out” from your friends. They may be stupid and insensitive OR they could be helping you to identify that you’ve been dodging the healing process. Your close friends will be able to tell you what your heart is full of because they’re the ones who hear your mouth speak the most and they’ve watched your heart for a while and know all it’s moves. Hear them out.

Let me end with this. Through His life, death and resurrection Jesus came to give us life and life to the full! Let’s not miss out on receiving what He paid for by pretending we have it. Let’s not put on a show for other people but instead let’s really be honest before the Lord and with each other, engaging with the Holy Spirit to bring His healing to our hearts. Let’s commit to staying in the process not just for our benefit but for His sake and the sake of others who will receive His living water through us. Our testimonies only have power in the lives of others when they’re true!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts! Here’s a video reward for you for reading both parts!

End Notes

Forgiveness is another huge part of healing our own past wounds and it’s another place we often go wrong. It’s more than just “getting over it”.

If you’re not much into reading but prefer to listen/watch, here’s a 38min message on a similar topic from Brian Johnson.

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