Love’s Way by Author, Hazel Paine

I went alone, a-travelling, to find the way of love,
To meet at last, face to face, the one I’m dreaming of.
For everyone around me spoke of love in tongues of song
Yet their empty words resounded like a hollow crashing gong.
I left them with their worthless noise to follow true love’s call,
But the path did wind and wander and was hard to see at all.
I came across a stranger struggling with a load,
I didn’t want to linger as I longed to find the road.
Yet kindness bid me help, and patience bid me wait,
At once the twisting way of love once more became as straight.
Further on some lingered, distracted by a by a sign.
‘A challenge with one winner!’ claimed a loud and bold design.
‘Tell us in three words or less the best things about you,
So you can live in luxury as you deserve to do.’
‘I’m clever! I am pretty! I am rich!’ they cried aloud.
Yet boastful words failed me, for how could I be proud?
I knew the one I love loves me for nothing I possess,
Lost and orphaned still love found and called me nonetheless.
The way stretched on before me dipping low and scaling highs,
I grew fatigued then heard a sound which caused my hopes to rise.
The grumbling of an engine, and then before my eyes,
A driver with a passenger and room for me besides.
I tried to flag them down but perhaps they didn’t see
The person by the wayside who watched so enviously.
Soon the dust had settled and loneliness set in,
And jealousy and bitterness took root somewhere within.
I came across them later, those who left me by the way.
Though sorely tempted to pass by, compassion bid me stay.
Letting go of anger, I gave what help I could,
And then they said to join them, insisting that I should.
For a while our journeys merged until time came to part.
I wished them well, and carried on with true peace in my heart.
The way has now demanded all, and persevere I must,
And hope my path still follows true as all else turns to dust.
As silence falls and voices cease and all has passed away,
I trust your love to draw me ever closer every day.
And finally the journey’s done, and face to face I see
Behold, the one I love who was the first one to love me.
I am complete, and understood, and wonderfully known,
Eternal love surrounding me I’m nevermore alone.


If you’d like to follow Hazel or read more of her material, click HERE

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