Shaken – Poem

I wrote this poem during the political turbulence of the British General Election in 2017.

When you get shaken
You get a revelation of your true foundation.
Because it says in the good Book
That the kingdom can’t be shook
And if we’re the ones who’re receiving it then neither should we

We should be free
From the topsy-turvy of a world unworthy of the shaking of our knees
It’s going to pass away and though we fast and pray for salvation He still told the apostles to shake the dust from their feet.
He cannot be shaken and we won’t be forsaken by our God who promised to make His home with us.
He said “I will be their God, they will be my people and I will dwell among them.”
So any shake up in our lives should be a wake up to our eyes
To realise that our real eyes are really focused on real lies
Which turn us to the right and to the left and shake us off of the narrow path of Truth.

Even the youth grow tired and weary but those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength
Increasing the length of their roots being grounded in the soil of His love,
Founded on the Rock of Ages and though wind and rain beat against that house

It will stand.

Though the political wind and waves may rock my boat they can’t even wake my Saviour.
No vote can move Him from the throne of grace placed firmly on His justice and righteousness.

His Labour on the cross as the Sun of righteousness demonstrated to democrats that both His left and right wings have healing in them.
So if you’re still quaking I suggest you get to taking some time to remember He said:
“Though you hear the rumours and you see the wars
Though the earth shakes and the seas forget their shores
Though the love of many grows cold and their faith lacks
I promise you this.

I’m coming back.”

July 18th 2017

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