Wild at Heart – Poem

Something breaks and shatters,
Cracks and peels
In the heart of a man that no longer feels.
The cold of his soul
Is the chill in his breath
Yielding to the touch of death.

The flames within are quenched and dim
He no longer desires,
No longer dreams of greater things
That will his strength require.

“Don’t be so loud”
“Climb down from there”.
Echoes from the childhood snare
That stole away his lion’s roar.
Tamed and muzzled he looks to the door.

The door of fear is narrow but gets taller every day.
Avoiding his gaze it thickens every time he looks away.
“I’d never fit” he thinks to himself.
The hinges disappear.
His words have ensured it’s a door no more,
It’s now a wall of fear.
“Impenetrable! Impenetrable!”
He lays it brick by brick.
Efforts to console himself will only make it more thick.

His custom is to avoid the wall
But something catches his eye.
Above the highest brick he sees a tiny piece of sky.
The smell of freedom fills his lungs
It’s blowing on the breeze.
The call of the wild is almost drowned by the knocking of his knees.

Laying down his disappointment
He sheds the weight of the past.
Standing in Divine appointment
His reservations breathe their last.
He takes on responsibility
As he takes off his excuses.
The straps of strength he tightens
While his apathy he looses.

He begins his ascent.

Grasping with his hands and feet
Finally prepared to meet
His destiny to take the seat that is prepared for one and all.
With his ears he hears a beat
A war drum that beats back defeat
He hears his heart on the other side of the wall.

Second thoughts peck at his clothes
Temptation to stick to what he knows
But the Fire in his belly rose and consumed them all like chaff.
His prison cell now looks so small
What was his world, now nothing at all
His heart continues its warrior call and he begins to laugh.

Now he’s getting weary and his muscles start to ache.
Looking up and looking down it seems he’s getting near.
A sound is heard from Heaven and the wall begins to shake.
Halfway up the wall falls down, it’s now a road of fear.

Although the wall has fallen he must choose to walk the road.
Courage is a journey but there’s One who shares the load.
With burden light and easy yoke He walks and shows the way.
He gives the traveller a sword and teaches him to pray.

The road is littered with the bones of those who walked before.
It’s also littered with the woes of those who don’t retreat.
His heart restored, with sword in hand he screams the Lions’ roar!
He charges on into his life to make his victory complete.

June 5th 2014

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