The Art of Deception – Part 1




Evil as plain as the scar on his face!

…Sorry this post has nothing to do with Simba’s Pride…but there’s a link at the bottom if that makes you too sad!

So you hear your favourite celebrity might be a Christian or you hear that coffee is actually better for you than water.

What do you do?

Most of us probably look hopefully for evidence to back it up!

We hear about magical pills that give us instant beach bodies and we’re all like “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!”

I think it’s safe to say we tend to fall into deception when we want to be deceived.

We hear something we like the sound of so we commit to believing it. Eve was deceived not when the serpent lied to her but when she saw the fruit was good for food, pleasing to the eye and would supposedly give her wisdom (seriously go check it out yourself).

The serpent’s new doctrine: “2 Steps to Becoming Like God” sounded good to her.

When deeply emotional circumstances hit our lives we can go to that place as well.

If someone close to us dies and they don’t know Jesus we become interested in teachings about hell not being real, or everyone going to heaven or even God not being there at all.

Or perhaps we really fancy a non-Christian or someone we know God says we shouldn’t date. We gradually or sometimes suddenly become open to hear from anyone who thinks it’s cool for us to date whoever we want!

We open the doors to deception and often God allows it because we’re not ignorant, we’re making a choice.

The Israelites at Sinai are a prime example. “Hmm we want a god we can see who has no moral standards and will do what we want i.e. look pretty and stay quiet. Let’s make one ourselves and worship it!”

…Wait, what?!

They actually decided what they wanted to believe, built it with their own hands and then committed their lives to it?! Sounds like crazy talk but this is actually pretty standard practice.

We’ve probably all done it at some point.

James tells us that we’re tempted by our own desires and they shape the way we perceive truth and read the Word, looking for ways to satisfy ourselves and permit our actions. Of course deception rarely feels like deception so we often carry on and deaden our discernment so we can continue. We don’t ask questions we don’t want answering. We avoid people who’ll tell us too much truth.

Living in deception feels good and even “right” or “natural” because we get to indulge our desires but a beautiful lie is still a lie and the deceiver only builds traps, even though they may feel like home…

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Do we want to walk His way knowing it will lead us into truth that will bring us life?

Do we want to live in truth at the cost of comfort or would we rather live locked in a beautiful lie?

Do we allow our desires to dictate what we believe and colour our reality?

James 1:13-15

Thanks for reading! Here’s the clip from Lion King 2 for those of you who really came for that!

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