The Dangers of Heart to Heart

As human beings we naturally want to be able to interpret the thoughts and intentions of others to help us navigate the social world. The problem is, our point of reference tends to only be ourselves and this can cause some problems.taylor swift

What I mean is, when we try to figure out why someone is doing the things they’re doing or saying we ask ourselves “Why would I do or say those things?” We then draw a conclusion about that person’s heart based on our own.

I’m sure we can all admit that we all have issues from wounds we’ve received in our lives but if these issues go unchecked and the wounds go unhealed, our perceptions of other people will be warped. Often we don’t know how to deal with our pain and sometimes we don’t even know we have any.

The best part about judging the heart and motives of someone else is that you get a good look at your own!

Other people may not have your issues. They may have gotten over them completely or they may have never experienced them at all. I think this is really important to grasp as it’ll make more space for trust and freedom in our relationships and it also puts the responsibility on us to really get to know each other instead of judging each other by the standard of our own hearts.

Jesus has already shown us the benefit of removing planks from our eyes in Matthew 7. If you have a plank in your eye it’s reasonable to believe your ability to spot a speck in your friend’s eye will be greatly impaired! In fact, it may not be there at all!

So what am I saying? It’s really important for us as Christians to be in touch with what’s going on in our own hearts, partnering with the Holy Spirit to walk in wholeness. The word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword and we need God to speak to us to discern the thoughts and intentions of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12).

As He does this we become more able to do this with other people. We become more able to help each other live in freedom from sin and insecurity (Matt 7:5). We become sharper in the prophetic, able to discern between spirits (1Cor12:10) and tell non-Christians the secrets of their hearts (1Cor 14:24-25) and reveal the Father’s heart to them.

Let’s understand that we might be seeing each other through our own issues. Let’s take responsibility for submitting our hearts to the Holy Spirit to reveal and heal our wounds. Let’s assume the best of one another and help each other to become it. Let’s hear and see through His heart by His Spirit so that love can flow freely between us.

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”
Proverbs 20:5

Thanks for reading 🙂 Got any thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. really amazing mate…picked a few things out that I could really relate too–. It’s really important for us as Christians to be in touch with what’s going on in our own hearts, partnering with the Holy Spirit to walk in wholeness, made me realise that sometimes I go of what my selfish ambitions rather than what the spirit would desire…thanks Captain Tony

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