The Quest for Community #1

A friend of mine who was born and raised in Nigeria said to me once, “I never heard a sermon on community until I moved to this country.” We were talking about how hard it is for Christians in British culture to fulfil a lot of the principles of Christian life that God lays out in the Bible in our post-post-modern, British culture.

Apparently an English man’s home is his castle. I’m not sure about the rest of the UK or what an English woman’s home is but it seems that “keeping yourself to yourself,” looking after “you and yours” and respecting other people’s “privacy” is a pillar of British culture.

As we’ve moved away from hamlets and towns – although they do still exist – to cities and Londons (London is TOO BIG!! I don’t know if it still counts as a city, I wouldn’t be surprised if it declared independence as its own nation post-Brexit!!) it seems like neighbours just don’t know each other any more. Or want to.

Uni students are still pretty great at getting to know the people who live around them in halls but once they fly the full-time education nest they tend to pull up the drawbridge, drop the portcullis and settle into hiding.

Is it just me?? It seems to me like the more we see the dark side of humanity through the dark side of the internet, we’re just far less trusting of people we don’t know. We seem less interested in getting to know them because if needs be we can stalk them on social media and find out everything but their dental records.

I’m not here to slate British society. This might be the pervading culture in the UK but there’s another kingdom with a different culture and I’d like to explore that with this little series. Please come along for the ride and please share your comments below, on Facebook or let’s go for a coffee! (I don’t actually drink it but you know…)

I’ve had a tough time with Christian community over the years but no more than most. I’m FAR away from having all the answers but this is something close to my heart that I want desperately need to pursue. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as I share mine!


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