Understanding Forgiveness: Part 4 – The Un-offended Heart

Here’s Part 3 if you missed it!open-heart1

God has been teaching me about the principle of an un-offended heart. This is a heart that regardless of past disappointments and hurts still remains open and bursting with love. The owner of an un-offended heart is not a weak-willed, attention-starved desperate individual but rather a person who is stronger than most of us in being able to see past offences and loving the people behind them.

I am convinced that an offended heart is prone to cultivating unforgiveness as well as isolation and loneliness. People who often feel inexplicably lonely in the presence of many friends are likely to have an area of unforgiveness that they are yet to deal with.

When we distance ourselves from our hearts we remove our ability to really connect with people.

I believe an un-offended heart is nothing short of supernatural and requires the action of God to produce. An un-offended heart will keep the door open even after someone has brought in their muddy shoes.

The spirit of the age says those who bare the burden of unforgiveness can never trust again but the Spirit of Christ says “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28) He who prayed for the forgiveness of those who stripped him, beat him, humiliated him and nailed him to a cross in front of His mother is the only One capable of giving us a heart that responds to evil with good and to hatred with love (Romans 12:21).

Father, I pray that you would teach us to love selflessly and outrageously and forgive immediately out of the overflow of an un-offended heart that has known Your unconditional love for us.

Thanks for reading. Here’s a link to the deeply personal story of one woman and her journey into forgiveness and healing. Reallyrealblogger

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