The Heart of Worship #1

Look, we need to talk about worship.

Okay wait let me change that. “I need to talk about worship.”

But since you’re here, you might as well join in. It is a blog after all…

Corporate Worship or Worship Incorporated?

I came across an interview with musician John Mark McMillan, the writer who manages to divide whole congregations with one line of his world famous song “How He Loves” (you can let me know in comment section if you’re a sloppy wet or unforseen kiss sort of person) and he was talking about writing his most recent album Mercury and Lightning.

John Mark talks about finding it strangely difficult to write and release some of his new songs because he was so aware of the pressure on him to produce something popular. Something that would sell.

He became aware that “worship” had become an industry that was fuelled, like any other industry, by money and that money had tainted its authenticity.

I did a Master’s degree in Management a few years ago (and I’m still recovering…). I looked into marketing a lot and also wrote my dissertation around church leadership and business management.

It really shocked me in the innocence of my early 20s to see how so many large, western churches operate like big corporations! From their marketing strategies to their branding to their online presences and beyond!

Maybe I’m pretty old school (I did just turn 30 after all) but I’m not wanting to wave a judgemental flag here. It’s just that it scared me at first.

Since then I’ve understood how difficult it can be to organise large groups of people without all of the crazy infrastructure, administration and strategic planning that holds corporations together.

I’ve also learned that technology is not actually evil. This is a blog after all…

But then it began to worry me again.

Read Part 2 HERE

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