Love Stories – Spoken Word

I used to love writing love stories and plotting them out in my mind.
Star-crossed lovers or long-lost brothers, stories of every kind.
Tales of legendary deeds performed by ordinary men
I used to think I was the author, now I’m finding I’m the pen.

The greatest Poet ever known has taken hold of me
And dipped my heart in His liquid love so that every eye can see
The way He moves my life across the pages that I meet
Enabling me to demonstrate the love that poured from His hands and feet.

His hands, his hands, that heal the sick and bind up the broken-hearted,
That stretch out so warmly to embrace those whose loved ones have departed.
As His life pumps within my veins I get to feel His pleasure
Each time I come face to face with another who is His treasure.

He places me right where I need to be with extreme precision and skill
To see the Earth just like Heaven perfectly reflecting His will
Re-writing people’s history, His light banishes the dark
Signing each situation with love He always leaves His mark.

Holy Spirit help me to submit myself to the Author and Perfecter
The Cameraman, the Leading Role, Producer and Director.
Jesus live Your life in me, I’ll keep my eyes above
And look forward to the next person I meet who’s written into Your story of love.

Jesus loves you, that’s why you met me!

November 25th 2014


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