Poem for the Romans – Poem

A poem based on Paul’s letter to the Romans

I walked through the valley of shadows
And kept stumbling in the dark.
Two men appeared and ambushed me,
Left me bleeding in the park.

A certain man did pass that way
A torchlight in his hand
He offered me help but dropped me
In an effort to help me stand.

He then said “Follow me, I’ll lead the way
Make sure you stay close behind”
But he led me back to the attacking men
My hands and feet they did bind!

The unhelpful man stood shining his torch
In the faces of these two men.
It was all he could do for he had no power
To defeat or overcome them.

I spent times and a time and half a time
At the mercy of these two beasts
Weakening daily and wasting away
As my strength became their feasts.

Bound hand and foot unable to do
What the unhelpful man required
To get up and walk and follow his steps
Was all that I desired.

This is the story of the former days
The battle that raged within.
The unhelpful man’s name is the Law,
The attackers, the Flesh and Sin.

I remember the day the Deliverer came,
Wielding a blood-stained cross.
He took hold of the men of sin and the flesh
And crushed the head of their boss.

He tore off my chains and with them my shame
Taking their weight on Himself.
He said He’d be back but told me to wait
Because He would send Someone else.

That Someone else came, He had the same name
And strengthened me with the truth
Forgiveness was mine, His love was Divine
His presence with me was the proof.

The attackers returned, they were beaten and bruised
And failed to catch my attention
Whenever they tried, with tricks and with lies
They encountered Someone’s intervention.

On this journey home I am not alone
But sometimes forget my dear Friend
He will never leave so I will receive
His instruction from here till the end.

My mysterious Friend, so humble and true
Reminding me of the day
My Saviour King on the train of His robe
Bore my sins away.

Holy Spirit I’ll trust what You do
And I’ll listen to You when You speak.
For I know that whether I feel it or not
You are stronger than I am weak.

January 18th 2014


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