Hey, my friends call me Tony. I’m 29.

I started blogging in 2011 because I started feeling a responsibility to record some of things I felt like I was noticing and that God was showing me. I’d have sudden streams of thought in the night as I was getting into bed or even in the car and I’d have to pull over to write things down.

I’ve written a lot believing that I’m somehow serving the Body. And maybe I am.

Recently though I’ve been reading back over some of my blogs and I’m feeling more like I’ve been writing it for me. I mean like I really need to be taking the things I’m writing more seriously and applying them to my own life more intentionally. I’ve been very quick to point out things that are “wrong” in the culture of the Church that God was actually highlighting in me and for me.

I feel convicted as I read about passion and vulnerability and a fear of rejection among some of the other topics I’ve written about. I’m hoping that this realisation will lead to my own personal growth and maybe even the maturity of my writing.

I hope to personally live closer to what you read here and to write with more integrity and my prayer is that even as I share in spite of my own imperfection, God will speak perfectly to you and where you’re at.

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  1. Hi Tony! I really like what I’ve seen from this blog. Thank you for sharing your insights and opinions on God and His kingdom here on earth. I’d like to email you, or something other than a comment box. Could I get your email address, or a way to PM you? Thanks!

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