How and Why I Stopped Watching Porn

Hi guys, I'd like to share a story with you. I hope that's OK. It's deeply personal for me but I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you grace to read and hear His voice speaking to your heart. Are you ready? Still with me? Great, let's jump in. I first saw a pornographic magazine... Continue Reading →


Dear Prophetic People, Get Rooted

Dear Prophetic People, as I hope you've picked up by now, if you've read the Introduction and Part 1, I'm passionate about the growth and development of the gift of prophecy and its place in the Church. In this post I'd like to encourage you to pursue something that I believe will be a huge... Continue Reading →

Dear Prophetic People…

Dear Prophetic People, I've been excited to write you this post for a while but I've found it really difficult to finish and I you'll see why. I hope that from reading the last few posts you know how much I love and value you and what you bring to the Church! We're in a... Continue Reading →

Sexuality Series: Introduction

[If you're not much of a reader, I shared a similar message with my church family earlier this year. You can listen here] "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8 Hi. Can I be really honest with you? Whenever I've written or spoken about this topic there has tended... Continue Reading →

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