Field of Dreams – Spoken Word

Sometimes the grass below my feet tickles them Sometimes the nettles sting my ankles. Sometimes a gentle breeze caresses me Sometimes a harsh gust chills me to the bone. Sometimes I skip but often I stumble Sometimes I rejoice but often I grumble As I journey through the field of dreams. Sometimes the warm light... Continue Reading →


Love’s Way by Author, Hazel Paine

I went alone, a-travelling, to find the way of love, To meet at last, face to face, the one I’m dreaming of. For everyone around me spoke of love in tongues of song Yet their empty words resounded like a hollow crashing gong. I left them with their worthless noise to follow true love’s call,... Continue Reading →

Waiting for a Saviour – Spoken Word

A short piece I wrote for our church's Christmas service in 2016 Waiting. We're holding onto hoping that the hope of the world will come, the only Son. We're waiting. We don't know when He'll show but the prophets have foretold that every chain that has held us He'll be breaking. The power of our... Continue Reading →

Call of the Bride – Spoken Word

She's passing winks and downing drinks She knows no moderation. As His heart breaks in hers she thinks "There's now no condemnation." The prison that He freed her from She's made into a palace Where she's the queen who reigns supreme She daily grows more callous. The pain in His heart must be hard to... Continue Reading →

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