Christians and Alcohol

Well once again it's that merry time of year where we descend into a deluge of mince pies, mistletoe and Michael Bublé! Christmas is coming! I had a student I work with ask me recently if I was planning to get drunk at Christmas. The sound of his jaw hitting the floor almost made me... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on Porn: I Hate It

I hate porn. I really do. And I've got plenty of reasons to. It's not just because of its links to modern slavery across the world today. It's not just because its warping the sexual expectations of children contributing to the increase of the sexual abuse of teenage girls in relationships. It's not just because it reduces girls and... Continue Reading →

Famous or Faithful?

Have you ever had a dream or a vision or a goal that you were sure was from God that sort of just never happened? So many dreams that come from the heart of God die early because we presume too much and take whatever we think He said and try to replicate something we've... Continue Reading →

Something’s Wrong… – Spoken Word

Guys, I think something's wrong with me I can watch a film in silence for 3 hours straight without taking a toilet break and weather an exploding bladder But I can't sit still before the throne of God for 3 minutes without thinking about something else. I can eat my own bodyweight in meat and... Continue Reading →


I wrote this poem during the political turbulence of the British General Election in 2017. When you get shaken You get a revelation of your true foundation. Because it says in the good Book That the kingdom can't be shook And if we're the ones who're receiving it then neither should we We should be... Continue Reading →


I wonder why I gorge myself on likes and views feeding on the opinions of girls and dudes but still feel so starved of attention. While the tension between my online friends flows as thick as the bad blood that clots up our friendships and never gets dissolved in a group chat which quickly turns... Continue Reading →

More – Spoken Word

Too busy being content to ask for more We need to Oliver Twist that lie that keeps us satisfied and dry When He said "ask for rain in the time of rain." We sing LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN! But that's enough! We barely catch it, too busy being Bob Cratchet when our Father... Continue Reading →

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