More – Spoken Word

Too busy being content to ask for more We need to Oliver Twist that lie that keeps us satisfied and dry When He said "ask for rain in the time of rain." We sing LET IT RAIN, LET IT RAIN! But that's enough! We barely catch it, too busy being Bob Cratchet when our Father... Continue Reading →


There is a Sound

There is a sound that the hearts of His people make as they tremble before Him to hear Him. The sound of anticipation. The sound of willingness. The sound of fear fleeing. Bated breath speaks volumes in silence calling to the throne room. Speak Lord, your servant is listening and our enemy is afraid. There... Continue Reading →

The Texture of Hope

It feels like...that feeling you get when you're waiting for the bus and you remember that it came yesterday. It feels like the warmth of the seat and the touch of the heating on your ankles. It feels like...that feeling you get when you look at the clock in school and it's five minutes to... Continue Reading →


This living sacrifice lives But I want it to die daily It shrinks away from the light Your love gives And hides in the darkness of its frailty. Broken, unspoken, the last surviving token of the life that was before it. It is wilful ignorance, it is selfish defiance, it is foolish resistance. It's the... Continue Reading →

This is Our Story – Spoken Word

This is our story It starts with a man Pulled into life from the dust and the sand Walking with Creator heart in heart, hand in hand Wholly committed to the mission and the plan This is our story We were all deceived Many of us still like that Man, blaming Eve When the serpent... Continue Reading →

Field of Dreams

Sometimes the grass below my feet tickles them Sometimes the nettles sting my ankles. Sometimes a gentle breeze caresses me Sometimes a harsh gust chills me to the bone. Sometimes I skip but often I stumble Sometimes I rejoice but often I grumble As I journey through the field of dreams. Sometimes the warm light... Continue Reading →

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