People Being Poetry

The words of my heart often flow down the river of my mind, drawn from the source by the currents of time. The journey is often a rough one but on occasion what was rough is made smooth by the processes of erosion, producing shapely pebbles before reaching the mouth.

My hope is to share some of my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned in the form of poetry or dramatic illustration. I hope you enjoy them! Since starting this page I’ve had the pleasure of writing and recording two poems for my church family in Manchester with my very talented friends!



You’ll find my written poems linked below.

I would also like to feature other people’s poems on here too so give me shout if you want to put some stuff up, although I do reserve the right to refuse.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

Holy Spirit

Something’s Wrong

This is Our Story


Field of Dreams



The Texture of Hope

There is a Sound

Waiting for a Saviour


Call of the Bride

Wild at Heart

Passion for Christ Movement

Sufficient Grace

Through the Brokenness

Poem for the Romans

Feature Poem: “The Truth is” by Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Love Stories

Her Face

more coming soon…Dead Poets

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