A Crash Course in Handling Pain – Part 1

Hi guys, if you followed me from the old one, welcome to the new blog! I hope you like it. This is the beginning of a short series on dealing with pain. This topic is pretty important to me and I think that whoever we are we need to be intentional about this. I'm no... Continue Reading →


A Crash Course in Handling Pain – Part 3: Healing and Wholeness

If you're not much into reading but prefer to listen/watch, here's a 38min message on a similar topic from Brian Johnson. https://youtu.be/FEYhdFKopb0 Here's Part 1 and Part 2 The Good News!! I have some great news for you. You were not created to live in perpetual pain! The issue is a lot of us identify so... Continue Reading →

Through the Brokenness – Poem

Sometimes we get hurt and then decide to lock ourselves away so that we can't be hurt again. Here's a little story.  Blood runs down his arm from what’s left of the heart he once wore on his sleeve A gentle spirit is now imprisoned in an icy palace of indifference A heart once so... Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Rejection

I think rejection effects most of us on lots of different levels to different degrees. Rejection and its effects can last a lifetime, creating a new lifestyle for us and so its presence will definitely affect our relationships with each other. I guess we should start with the question: "What is rejection?" We experience a... Continue Reading →

Insecurity: Nature’s Cover-All

Fear is one of the greatest enemies of deep, meaningful and developing relationships between human beings and it manifests itself in a number of ways. When we're afraid in dangerous situations, we instinctively do things to protect ourselves and the parts of us that will feel the most pain. We either become defensive or we... Continue Reading →


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