Remember When We Used to Care? – Poem

Remember When We Used to Care? Before we caught the culture that cultivates callousness Like a cold? Cold hearts pumping cold blood around warm bodies with frozen intentions. Actions hanging lifeless from cold fingers on keyboards like icicles Bad circulation maybe? Remember when we used to care? When we used to watch the adverts and... Continue Reading →


Worship Artists – Poem

Worship is not an art form And if it is then surely we are all worship artists Scrawling out our life drawings on the canvas of our time Day to day, tracing or replacing lines Trying to draw out the image of the Creator to display to the world in the gallery of our character.... Continue Reading →

Quick story from an April Fool

So it's April Fool's Day. Let me tell you a story. 17 years ago I decided to give my life to a Jewish man who was born 2,000ish years ago. Weird right? Believing that although he had died he was raised from the dead, I asked him to forgive me for living life my own... Continue Reading →

Shaken – Poem

I wrote this poem during the political turbulence of the British General Election in 2017. When you get shaken You get a revelation of your true foundation. Because it says in the good Book That the kingdom can't be shook And if we're the ones who're receiving it then neither should we We should be... Continue Reading →

Wonder – Poem

I wrote this as a start to poetry project for my youth group that never got finished. If any of you guys are reading this. There's still time! I wonder why I gorge myself on likes and views feeding on the opinions of girls and dudes but still feel so starved of attention. While the... Continue Reading →

There is a Sound – Poem

There is a sound that the hearts of His people make as they tremble before Him to hear Him. The sound of anticipation. The sound of willingness. The sound of fear fleeing. Bated breath speaks volumes in silence calling to the Throne Room. Speak Lord, your servant is listening and our enemy is afraid. There... Continue Reading →

The Texture of Hope – Poem

It feels like...that feeling you get when you're waiting for the bus and you remember that it came yesterday. It feels like the warmth of the seat and the touch of the heating on your ankles. It feels like...that feeling you get when you look at the clock in school and it's five minutes to... Continue Reading →

Surrender – Poem

This living sacrifice lives But I want it to die daily It shrinks away from the light Your love gives And hides in the darkness of its frailty. Broken, unspoken, the last surviving token of the life that was before it. It is wilful ignorance, it is selfish defiance, it is foolish resistance. It's the... Continue Reading →

This is Our Story – Spoken Word

This is our story It starts with a man Pulled into life from the dust and the sand Walking with Creator heart in heart, hand in hand Wholly committed to the mission and the plan This is our story We were all deceived Many of us still like that Man, blaming Eve When the serpent... Continue Reading →

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