Christians and Alcohol

Well once again it's that merry time of year where we descend beneath a deluge of mince pies, mistletoe and Michael BublĂ©! Christmas is coming! And so is New Year's Eve! I had a student I work with ask me recently if I was planning to get drunk at Christmas. The sound of his jaw... Continue Reading →

The Righteousness of Christ And what is means for us I'm hoping to encourage your faith as you read this. This is a message from the Scriptures that has greatly encouraged me and so I hope it's going to do the same for you. If you're happy to, I encourage you to pause and ask... Continue Reading →

Irrational Passion

Growing up in a Christian household was pretty tame in a lot of ways (not in a bad way Mum if you're reading this...) so I often went looking for fun and excitement elsewhere. My parents had fairly strict rules to keep me and my brother safe (thanks guys) but outside the house was a... Continue Reading →

Worship Artists – Poem

Worship is not an art form And if it is then surely we are all worship artists Scrawling out our life drawings on the canvas of our time Day to day, tracing or replacing lines Trying to draw out the image of the Creator to display to the world in the gallery of our character.... Continue Reading →

Grace – Poem

The grace of God is not a dish cloth to wipe up the messes we make But a safety net that catches us after the risks we take And the steps we make as the Spirit breaks sin's hold on us! A heavenly gift to lift us from the rift caused by the original lie,... Continue Reading →

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