Poem – A Familiar Weakness

A familiar weakness creeps into my bones registering at the door of my heart as an unwelcome guest, a former tenant who used to reside. I sigh. There she is again. It's been so long but my insides haven't forgotten the touch of a thousand butterflies awakened by her eyes. I try not to look... Continue Reading →


5 Christian Cocktails (or mocktails)

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to mix your drinks? No? Mine neither. But from what I've been told, a mixed drink is called a cocktail. You take a few things you like, throw them together and voila! A new creation! Who knew!? I've noticed a few ways that we take our faith, the... Continue Reading →

I Love You – Poem

Sometimes saying I love you feels like under my tongue I'm holding a specially fashioned key designed to unlock the padlocks of apprehension and the chains of fear and insecurity wrapped around your heart and to set you loose like a bird from a cage into a world where you're free to be yourself around... Continue Reading →

Immerse – Spoken Word

I wrote this for our students and young adults weekend away in 2016. It was called "Immerse"  Hey. Mind if I rock your boat a little? Or rather show you it's already been rocking as the Lord Himself was reportedly seen knocking at the door of your heart some time... Did you open up and... Continue Reading →

Prayer – Spoken Word

The Holy Spirit came to show us the way to speak for the Father and say what He’d say But before we can go we first have to know that the Holy Spirit came to teach us to pray. But why do we need to know? The Author of life put the keys to the kingdom in our... Continue Reading →

Remember When We Used to Care? – Poem

Remember When We Used to Care? Before we caught the culture that cultivates callousness Like a cold? Cold hearts pumping cold blood around warm bodies with frozen intentions. Actions hanging lifeless from cold fingers on keyboards like icicles Bad circulation maybe? Remember when we used to care? When we used to watch the adverts and... Continue Reading →

Worship Artists – Poem

Worship is not an art form And if it is then surely we are all worship artists Scrawling out our life drawings on the canvas of our time Day to day, tracing or replacing lines Trying to draw out the image of the Creator to display to the world in the gallery of our character.... Continue Reading →


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