Grace – Poem

The grace of God is not a dish cloth to wipe up the messes we make
But a safety net that catches us after the risks we take
And the steps we make as the Spirit breaks sin’s hold on us!
A heavenly gift to lift us from the rift caused by the original lie,
That flowed out on us the day they thrust that spear in Jesus’ side.
So for now I’ll embrace grace until I finish the race and we’re face to face in that holy place, Heaven.
For now I’ll continually shoot for the purity pursuit to produce the Spirit’s fruit for the hungry.
He desires me to inquire of Him to inspire the liars to flee from eternal fire and set their sights higher.
It’s His grace that allows me to see all the things I can be and get done because of the One who hung on a tree.
His grace calls the prodigals from the farthest nations
Enabling saints to step into a life of consecration
To become a physical manifestation of that same grace.

Thank you Lord for Your grace.

December 6th 2011


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